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Thread: The 300 Club!!!!!!!

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    My sister and I had a deal going as to who would hit 200 first, then I kinda went nuts with the 300 thing. Now I want 400 this summer before school starts. Job 2 begins almost full time again in January, so whaddya think? 500 before then? Ha we'll see . . . stay tuned!

    topkitty >^..^<

    p.s. If geo-j wasn't so intent on taking photos EVERYWHERE we go, I could be way way further along! Oh well, someday he will be famous and I'll only be infamous?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodwalker9
    Steve, I guess we could bat this around all day, but if I remember correctly, when I meet you in Burns Park you had around 1800 caches. Now over 2300. WOW!!! Do you ever stop to eat or sleep? LOL
    Yes, we've had to slow down a little lately. Mary had a total knee replacement a few weeks ago and we had to totally quit for a few weeks. She's coming along very good with her therapy and we're back on the caching trail pretty regular now. We're mostly trying to keep our 100 mile filter find list clear.

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    Because of the increasing cache density in Arkansas, I've noticed that it's getting harder and harder to get a PQ that has caches for a very large area. A query of the closest 500 caches keeps returning a smaller and smaller area. For example, back when we first started getting Pocket Querys, a 500-cache query would get all of the caches in Arkansas and even some in Tennessee and Missouri. Now, 500 caches only gets me about a 75 mile radius, even when I don't include the ones we've found. We're so slow about finding caches, we can't keep up with the growth!

    The way I see it, there's only one answer to my problem: FIND MORE CACHES!!!
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