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Thread: Delta Heritage Trail - Caches wanted!

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    Delta Heritage Trail - Caches wanted!

    The following is from an email that ArkGeo received from Kim Hanson, aka Netinator. She would like to get Arkansas cachers involved.

    This is a great opportunity for members of the Arkansas Geocachers Association to place some of their signature caches in another part of the state to share with all those that will visit this area.

    There are several of us that have combined forces to sponsor a power trail or saturated area on the Arkansas State Park Delta Heritage Bike Trail, with permission from the Arkansas State Parks.

    The Delta Heritage Trail State Park is a rails-to-trails conversion in southeast Arkansas that is being developed in phases along the 73-mile former Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way that stretches from one mile south of Lexa (six miles west of Helena) to Cypress Bend (five miles northeast of McGehee), the former route of The Delta Eagle.

    The first 14 miles of trail have been completed from Helena junction to the Lakeview community and just across from Old Town Lake. Trailheads are located at Helena junction near Barton, Walnut Corner at the U.S. 49 overpass, Lick Creek (Ark. 85 just south of Barton), and in Lakeview. The Park has one cache on the trail (GC1CFCJ) and there is one at mile 13 near the end (GC18PDK).

    We are soliciting geocaches from around multiple states which will highlight
    an individual cachers strength. We like to think of it as a buffet of
    caches where a visitor can sample some of the best the states have to
    offer in one spot, in other words we are asking them to place their
    SIGNATURE cache on the trail and we will take care of all maintenance
    and problems that may arise due to the distance requirements of We have come up with three options for handling the
    administrative end of it:

    Option1: The first option would be to jump in the cachemobile and head
    for The Delta Heritage Trail with your favorite cache safely stowed away. Stake out an area on the Trail which will be guaranteed to take your breath
    away. If you are out of range then use one of the many volunteers to
    take care of the cache and have it published and become part of the Taste of Arkansas geocaching style.

    Option2: The second option would be to put one of your signature
    caches together, box it up and send it to one of us. We will find a
    really special place to hide it and then send you the coordinates so you
    can put your personal touches on the web page and still own the rights
    to the cache.

    Option3: The next option would be to get your cache together and send
    it to one of us and we will do the rest of the work, including getting
    it published. The nice thing about this option is that you will be able
    to come over here, enjoy the power trail, and get a smiley for finding
    your own cache. We would put your name on the cache but the credit would
    go to one of us.

    The Arkansas State Parks has granted permission for this project and will grant us ONE State Permit for all the caches along the trail

    If you see any potential problems please contact me to work out a
    resolution. Thanks for all you do to support the Geocaching community
    and we look forward to placing Chuck Walla’s first cache for all the work he will have to do to help us out.

    Please contact [email protected] Box up a signature cache with your name, address, caching name, and phone number attached to it, with instructions and preferences of placement.

    Send all caches to

    Kim Hanson – Netinator

    2121 Germantown Rd So Suite 4

    Germantown, Tennessee 38138

    901-550-2345 Cell

    901-523-3808 Home

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    I plan on helping out with this and may give two of my caches to this project.

    How about Anyone else?
    I know that other cachers can get creative and show their stuff (caches) off!

    PM me with suggestions for me to send.
    I have friends in overalls whose friendship I would not swap for the favor of the kings of the world.
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    Hey Mike, I'm going to contribute a cache or two myself. ArkGeo members are some of the best cachers in the state and I'm hoping to see lots of ArkGeo member caches along this nice trail.

    Anyone else?

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    Cool trail, Betty & I have visited a small part of it. A worthwhile project.

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    This sounds great! However what if you don't have a "signature" yet? I would like to participate. I have a cache that is ready to go that might work. What option are you guys thinking about as far as getting them down there?

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    Like bluesybreeze I don't have a signature cache either but I plan on sending something. I guess I could send a ammo can with my signature all over it. Would that make a signature cache?

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    I've seen some cachemates signature caches. I don't think with your creative and artistic construction talents you would have any trouble. I too would love to have a cache on the trail and I know 2ter would too!

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    I'll send something...or two. I don't have anything signature yet, but at least I'll participate.

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    Count me in. This sounds like a great opportunity. I will come up with a cache for this and go to find all the rest. Sounds like a road trip to me.
    One cache at a time!

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    A cache hiding event maybe? I have already gotten a couple of caches ready for this project. I spoke with Kim at the Smackover event about it, and I think it is a great idea!
    Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only more cowbell!!

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