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    State Parks caches

    I have several questions...First I am about to start the State Parks, Delorme, and counties Challenge caches all at the same time but the State park Caches have the left 1/3 of the page cut any of you get the same problem....also, who should i contact to see when the Jenkins Ferry State Park cache will be back up...any certain person at that station??

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    I haven't looked at the State Park Challenge in a while so I can't help ya with the page being cut off. I am in the process of taking over maintainance of the Jenken's Ferry cache but I haven't heard anything yet on the particulars. You might just want to put a watch on it and wait till it is reactivated. I own property just a few miles from that cache so once I find out what I need to do I will be able to keep it up pretty well.

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    Re: State Parks caches

    Quote Originally Posted by Treywpga
    ...the State park Caches have the left 1/3 of the page cut any of you get the same
    This is due to the recent changes to the website by Groundspeak. A lot of cache pages were affected in this way and will remain so until the cache owners go in and redo the HTML code to make the page display properly. As far as it being cutoff, it is there, if you look at the bottom of the screen you will see a light blue bar that you can drag over to the right to view the rest of the page. I know this annoying but hopefully it will not be that way for long. Good luck on your quest for the challenges.

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    First of all, most of the website listing for the ASP caches is worthless information..."52 campsites with electricity, swimming, canoe rental, blah blah blah." I wish they would just cut to the chase and leave out the superfluous information. Bottom ain't missin' nothin'.

    Secondly, concerning the Jenkins Ferry cache, how did you get to be in charge of that, flannelman? I believe each ParkCache needs a local cacher or two to adopt them for maintenance, because ASP sure ain't doing a good job. Regarding your concern, there's nothing but a marble monument, sort of like a big tombstone, at this site. There's not any other place a cache could hide except in the bush behind the monument, unless they change the coords, so my advice is to claim a find if you read the monument and PM me for the numerical clue.

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