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Thread: Trouble with the hints

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    If you use GSAK to download your cache pages the clue is automatically DECRYPTED at the bottom of the page. Just a note for those that might not know.

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    Does it not have a setting in the options somewhere that allows you to choose whether it does that or not? I personally use VantagePoint for my Magellan & you have to checkmark a box for it to automatically decrypt. Curious thing is .... that option is ON by default.

    But GSAK may not be that way. I use it rarely for "flash-loading" my Garmins, & NEVER for the Magellan ..... main reason beause I CAN'T use it for a Triton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by at123
    Hints are at the owners discretion. If someone is having trouble finding a cache of mine using the hint I don't add to the hint to make it easier, I just raise the difficulty rating. I personally enjoy the harder to find caches and the adventurous ones. While on the other hand my wife will usually look at the hint if my oldest daughter is with us, who is six, or my nephew, who is 11, just to give them a little help. I am to the point now in caching, like what was said before, that I will not look at the hint unless I am totally stumped. I use the GSAK software while caching. I load the coords onto my GPS, and if I get stumped while at a cache I will pop open the laptop and pull up the info. I got ruined on the DNF's in Arkedelphia, after I had first started caching. After that DNF's are unacceptable.
    After reading the two logs after my comment you guys made me realize that I sort of became a hypocrite to Those were both very good points. I believe I will update my hints to be a little more revealing on one of my caches. That way if you want a challenge you will get one., and from what I've heard from former finders and DNF'ers it can be a challenge, and if you want to make the kill just look at the hint. Also on the GSAK the hint is revealed at the very bottom of the info page. So just don't scroll all the way down. Thanks for your inputs guys.(and gals)

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