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Thread: New in Pottsville

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    New in Pottsville

    Well I started back in Jan 09 but didn't stay at it very long because I got frusterated when I didn't find very much. So it is now the end of September and I am trying to get back into it. I went out today and found 3 easy ones, but there were others that should have been easy that I wasn't able to find. I didn't realize that there were meet and greets for area geocachers. That might be helpful for me. I know I will enjoy it if I could just figure out the secrets. I have a 12 year old that also goes with me so if there are any events coming up please let me know.

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    Welcome from the top of Crow Mountain! The most recent events I see coming up are the ones I posted below. Thanks for coming to our site and we look forward to meeting you and getting to know you. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask....some of these folks on here are running low on caches to find in our great state! All of the mileage is from our home by the peach orchard

    1. Fishing for Geocachers (Event Cache) (GC1Y76F)
    Location: Arkansas, United States (69.2mi E (111.4km E))
    Date: 9/25/2009 by Searcy Area Cachers

    3. Searcy's 3rd Annual Meet and Greet (Event Cache) (GC1WPRD)
    Location: Arkansas, United States (69.1mi E (111.2km E))
    Date: 9/26/2009 by Searcy Area Cachers

    4. Caching 101 - Greenwood Campus (Event Cache) (GC1YEQ0)
    Location: Arkansas, United States (75mi W (120.6km W))
    Date: 10/3/2009 by likestocanoe

    12. Harrison Cachers (Event Cache) (GC1XR3G)
    Location: Arkansas, United States (67.4mi N (108.4km N))
    Date: 10/31/2009 by clown4u

    13. 3rd Annual Conway County Geocaching Meet and Greet (Event Cache) (GC1Y6TH)
    Location: Arkansas, United States (10.6mi NE (17km NE))
    Date: 10/31/2009 by legoguys

    Good Luck!

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