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Thread: potential new members have IP blocked issue.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jclaudii
    "Write the output of eight plus two divided by two" and you type "5" in the box.
    That sort of math may be too advanced for some of us here...

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    Then we'll have to use a word question...Like "What former president is from Arkansas?" or "What word is 'geo' short for?"

    No seriously...could we lax the security a bit here or are we under attack that bad? If we are, this is a popular message board platform, we should be able to find a fix for it.

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    Hey there, Mark S here. Have been given access to some of the functionality of the website. Did some digging, and the only IPs I can find that are being blocked by the website itself if to (any address starting with 85.) and is dated 2007-03-03 @ 23:44:25. Unless the server or router are blocking other numbers, these should be the only ones blocked. If you find a computer that is block, please go to, and write down the IP address from this site as it will be the address that would be blocked. Should show 85.##.##.## if blocked. If so, we can change this range to try to allow people to get on.

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