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Thread: Howdy from Hot Springs

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    I'm glad to hear you'll be coming back to Mt Nebo if you'd like some company just give me a shout ,but be warned some folks (Wolves)might tell ya I'll talk your ears off , :P And I'm not sure how good of a mule I'd be ,,but I'm am part mountain goat ... Edieo

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    As a side note since your doing more of the "rugged" caching, meaning no fancy PDA's with hints and logs, no iphone app that links to the page, etc, you may find our "phone a friend" list helpful, But danged if I remember where it is! I know Gunnar W has sent me e-mails in the past with it, PM me if your interested and I'll send you his e-mail address.

    All I got to say is Wow, your logs are GREAT! and seems you'll fit right in here and make tons of peoples day with just the log you write. I can't wait to read your ramblings of journeys and treks here. I have some new caches out on hwy27 that are just begging to be found...So far only astrodav has found them and they were just put out on Labor Day! Good luck again and hope to read more in the other sections!

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    Welcome to the site from one new geocacher to another. Hope you have a great time and many finds.

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