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Thread: Ordinance declaring city Geocaching friendly.

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    Ordinance declaring city Geocaching friendly.

    A city council member would like to prepare an ordinance declaring Harrison a Geocaching Friendly City. Does anyone know of other cities in Arkansas who have done this? Is there any way to get a copy of that declaration to see how it is worded and put together? I think this would be an awesome step for out city to take. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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    I believe that Clarksville did it several years ago, when the very first geocaching events started taking place in that cradle of Arkansas geocaching. More recently, about 3 years ago, I believe Morrillton did also. Perhaps some of the Johnson and Conway County geocachers can provide more information.
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    We have asked the county judges in both Johnson (Clarksville) and White (Searcy) counties to issue proclamations about geocaching. Also, the mayor of Clarksville has issued a proclamation too. They are not ordinances but just proclamations. Pictures were made when the proclamations were signed and the local newspaper used the photos and story as a news item.

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