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Thread: Oregon 400t Just Died

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    Oregon 400t Just Died

    I was just sitting here loading up some caches. When I was done, I disconnect using "safe disconnect" as usual. I turned on the unit and changed the profile from "Recreational" to"Geocaching" as recommended in an online review of the unit.

    I then decided to load some more caches, but when I plugged it in, it did not load the connection screen as usual and the unit was not found by the Garmin Communicator plug-in. I disconnected it and now it will not turn on at all.

    It gets to the point where it says loading waypoints, tracks, etc and then the screen just jumbles and goes dark.

    Anyone have this problem. It is only about 2 weeks old and has had no trauma and has worked flawlessly to this point.

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    I had a similar problem, except mine would load up it just mysteriously "lost" all of the topo maps. I called Garmin and sent it to them (cost me $17.00 at the UPS Store with insurance) and they sent me a brand new one no questions asked because it was under warranty. I have for the most part been disappointed in the accuracy of the unit and do NOT use it for hiding caches as I use my old trusty Bushnell for that. The best thing about the unit is the topo maps and the paperless caching, other than that I'm kinda disappointed.

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