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Thread: Snow Caching on Mt. Magazine

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    Snow Caching on Mt. Magazine

    I headed out yesterday to do a little caching before the big snow moved in. I knew that I would probably be snow-bound at home for a day or two, so I wanted to get myself a good dose of geocaching to hold me over until I could get back out again. One of the caches I found was the Buckman Pool cache (GC1NX6E) on Mt. Magazine. I had no idea that Mt. Magazine still had a lot of snow on it, since all the snow in the lowlands around Russellville had melted away on Sunday. Nevertheless, I was prepared for the adventure!

    I used the horse camp area east of the visitors' center as the starting and ending point for my 1 mile roundtrip hike. As Robert Frost said, "The woods are lovely, dark, and deep." And quiet. And I had them all to myself. A wonderful afternoon, early in February, sunlit and with no hint of the coming storm. This is what geocaching is all about.

    Do you have snow caching adventures to share? They don't have to be about Mt. Magazine! They can be from anywhere.

    Will Apple's Road Trail

    The Way to the Cache

    The Trail to the Pool

    Buckman Pool

    The Horse Camp

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    On December 27th 2007 Sioux-ZQ and I decided to go to Mt. Magazine to see if any snow remained from a dusting we received on the 26th. We found almost no sign of any previous snow at Havana and the roads were clear. While the roads were still clear as we neared the top, the scene was like something from a Christmas card. Over 5 inches of beautiful snow and a dense fog covered the mountain.. We stopped to get a cache called The South Face. It required a short hike in the snow to an ammo can. Inside without any previous indication in the logs, was a Nativity Scene music box that played Oh Little Town of Bethlehem. It was quite a moving experience sitting on that mountain in the snow holding the box playing that hymn. Needless to say it is one of our prized Christmas decorations and a wonderful caching memory.

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    We tried snow caching last winter with no luck. We were looking for a regular size container on the ground, we did come back after the snow melted and found the cache. We have had better luck snow caching this year. So far this year we have found 7 caches in the snow. 3 FTF !!! Our latest adventure was to cache GC2621J yesterday. I love being out in the snow, all I need is a reason and caching is it! I think the key to snow caching is GOOD WATER PROOF GLOVES !!! [/img][/url]

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