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Thread: GSAK and Nuvi 1200 issue

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    GSAK and Nuvi 1200 issue

    I have a Nuvi 1200 GS and am not able to load up waypoints from GSAK. There is not a 1200 listed and get an error message if I try to use the USB universal.
    I am trying to use GSAK and Easy GPS so I can navigate to the cache in my vehicle and use the handheld out of the truck. I have had alot of caches that show up on my handheld (ETrex Vista HCX) that I use GSAK with.
    I would appreciate some help in making GSAK work for both.

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    What error message do you get when you try to load the Nuvi through USB port?

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    Sorry for the delay in posting a response in trying to help with thie error issue.
    I am getting a Windows error message that says:
    "GPSbabel.exe has stopped working". It loads 4 or 5 caches then this message pops up.
    Since the Nuvi 1200 is not on the list I am using the USB setting.
    Thanks for anyones help on this. BTW, it also seems to list the GC # instead of the cache name.
    Thanks for the help!

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    The first thing I would do is make sure I had the latest version of GSAK installed. If the problem still persists I think your best course of action would be to post a topic on the GSAK FORUMS. That would be your best resource for help. I have learned a lot just browsing the forums. Good Luck.

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