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Thread: Beautiful Story

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    Quote Originally Posted by TnT
    I saw this yesterday while browsing the forums. What I couldn't get over was how everyone's commented about letting their kids near wild animals. They couldn't just enjoy the "feel good" part, they had to take the opportunity to criticize.

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    the pictures were unbelievable, especially the one where the coon was sitting up. some folks will rain on any parade. its funny how everyones become a dr spock these days.

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    Shanka, I guess you got my message and I welcome you to the forums. I mean what I say when I told you I really enjoyed the story. If you peruse around this sites forums you can probably find the thread I started about cache theft and vandalism and my request for ideas to help stop it. This is what I was referring to when I told you about my aggravation level at the time just immediately prior to reading your post and how your touching story reminded me of why I hide caches... Thank you again for sharing your story, it truly made my day.

    On a side note, the link under the first post of this thread has the Groundspeak thread about your post if you care to read it.

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    Re: Beautiful Story

    Quote Originally Posted by OEnavigator
    I was looking through the Groundspeak forums and came across this post. It's a wonderful cache log and I thought everyone would enjoy it. Check it out.
    click on check it out →

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