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Thread: It's Hott! Be Careful!

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    It's Hott! Be Careful!

    Just a tip I'm sure most of you are following because you are feeling it's effects. I've had 3 caches set up but can't seem to find the time to go put them out. Plus it's too hot. I would hate making people travel to areas of the NFS in search for ammo cans in this heat!

    Perhaps we should set up some "Meet -n- Swims" at various rivers, creeks, lakes, and whollering holes all around our state.

    Someone should put a cache back out in this location as it would be a perfect spot to swim on a hot day. Or should I attempt the Blue Hole Cache again? Perhaps I should start geocaching with another vehicle so when I get stuck I can get a tug.

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    Re: It's Hott! Be Careful!

    Quote Originally Posted by jclaudii
    Someone should put a cache back out in this location East Fork as it would be a perfect spot to swim on a hot day.
    That is an excellent place for another cache and I know of several other locations around there that could use one too. But like you, I feel it may just be too hot right now. I am in the process of gathering some ammo cans for placement this fall and it will be here before we know it.

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    GENIUS!!! I have seriously considered shelving the GPSr for a bit until it is more enjoyable to be outside. I am going to hit some caches out west, where the humidity is lower and probably hit some quick park n grabs, but other than that, I'm enjoying my AC.

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    I'm visiting the inlaws in a week in kentucky. Going that way via Nashville. It's in the 80's and TONS of caches near where they live. and a quick trip into Indiana isn't too bad either (and is already planned)

    Then I'm going to Georgia for a three day workshop, but there are 5 right next to my I've been biding my time in this sauna that is Arkansas right now, but soon I'll be out and about getting caches in 4 states.

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    It was a hot one yesterday. We hiked around 5 miles from 8 til noon and found 7 caches at Nonconnah Greenway in Memphis. I believe they were ALL 5/5's.....even if it didn't say that on the cache page. Please be careful out there and take enough water for 2.

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