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Thread: Safe Caching

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    Safe Caching

    Thanks for everyone's concern about the incident at luckywests multi-cache. We had gone on vacation right after the incident and have just returned. It is a wake up call that if you are caching alone you should be very aware of your surroundings and remember not everyone is as friendly as fellow geo cachers. We sometimes become single focused on the task at hand (finding that new cache) that we aren't aware of others or that we have put your self in harms way. The incident has taught me a valuable lesson to be on guard. When the two fellows started after me I went into fight or flight mode. Since my way out was blocked I opted for self defense and luckily I came out okay. I would reccomend that people alway keep scanning their surroundings and make sure they have an alternate route out if there is trouble. I know Luckywest would never put anyone in danger and I don't blame anyone for the problems. Thanks for your concern and happy and safe caching.

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    I read your story on the cache log and just wanted to say that I'm glad that everything turned out OK. Oh, and by the way, WELCOME to ArkGeo!
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    We've read where this happened and have felt so badly for you. You're out having a good time doing something you enjoy and rotten snakes come out from under the rocks to attack innocent people. So we felt compelled to respond.

    Since I'm in "the system" I'm never totally unaware of the surroundings and admit that I'm more cynical than most cachers. But I usually carry my small handheld pepper spray (easily available) in case of any problems.

    We wouldn't be comfortable with a weapon - but something for self defense only makes sense. You never know what todays deviant misfits will do! And you need to be prepared to protect yourself.

    We're so glad that everything ended up ok for you - but it has definately hightened our personal "security level".
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    I too am glad things worked out well(well ok).
    A STAFF,walking stick is one of the Oldest and best non threatning weapons there is.
    I like an Oak one,but have several different kinds,they all work well.

    I do follow that Old Motto Be Prepared in more than one way,being trained in Martial Arts I have learned to take nothing for granted,especially now days,and that is a (bad thing).
    I wish we could all live in Peace but we see this is not always the case,sometimes you have to defend yourself when least expected.

    Good to see you here and thanks,You got the point across and thats a (good thing).
    Just wish I was there to back you up.

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