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Thread: Looks like permits may be required for Rsvl Parks now

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    I have great news from Hot Springs. I had a VERY productive 30 minute meeting with Mrs Jean Wallace. She was very excited and glad that I came in. She actually had an ammo can ready for placement by her desk. The Parks Dept have already gathered up some info and have rough drafted a policy. Mrs. Wallace stated the only reason they would want a permit application for each cache would be to help them know where each cache is and what the cache looks like and to make sure each cache will not cause any harm to the land or people. Looks like it will be a painless procedure and there is NO FEE and really does not add to what groundspeak already would like for us to do anyway.....which is GET PERMISSION BEFORE PLACEMENT. I asked her to come and "bump elbows" with us cachers at our annual meeting which she seemed to be interested in going. I offered her my assistance and she is very willing to accept. I also offered to put on a small "clinic" for the employees about this sport.

    I am glad that my employment with the city has finally paid off. Now if they would just pay me a little more I would be even happier.

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    Dentful, Let me know if there is anything I can do. I am willing to help!

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    I'll help out if there is a need. I'm not doing anything else right now.

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