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Thread: Smartphone/geocaching apps

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    Smartphone/geocaching apps

    I have recently got a samsung epix windows smartphone and I have not tried the GPS system out yet. I don't have a data plan (and probably won't because this phone has wifi). I have recently downloaded but have not used it yet because I am unsure on how this system get's it's lock on satellites. From the little reading I have done, the epix actually has a gps chip in it, but it is tied to the wireless phone circuit. So I have to keep the "phone" part tuned on even though it really don't need to be. Hopefully I will be able to give you all an update soon.

    Just wondering if anyone else out there is using a smartphone to geocache with. By far one of the most interesting phones I have ever seen is the phones running the Google Android OS. The apps that are available for that are endless and most of the phones seem to do pretty good. Hopefully this little windows unit can do a few things, if not o-well.

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    I use the iphone. Makes urban caches a snap as google maps helps a ton. I also have two other gps software apps that helps me when I need precision, instead of the cell phone tower triangulation that the groundspeak app lets the phone do instead of seek gps satellite signals.

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