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Thread: The Guy from Google Earth

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    The Guy from Google Earth

    Yesterday I was in Arkadelphia to get my truck serviced and on my way home I stopped at Wendy's for lunch. I noticed out the window where I was sitting a car pulled up and parked by my truck. It was a "Google Earth" car with the funny looking antenna and camera mounted on top.
    As the driver walked toward the front door I could not believe my eyes. I recognized this guy. He was a well known Arkansas Geocacher that you all know. I was just shocked.
    When he come in the door I called out his name, Now we were both shocked but at this moment he had that deer in the headlights look on his face. He could not believe that anyone in Arkadelphia would know him.
    We both had a good laugh, ate lunch and walked to the Google Car. I wanted to see all the equipment. I was impressed but I was dumb founded also. Here is the High Tech Car taking pictures all over Arkansas and with all that High Tech equipment the Laptop was mounted on a 2x4.
    It was good to see Google use a little redneck technology.
    Don't be surprised if you are out at lunch and "HIKER RON" takes your picture and puts it on Google Earth Street View.

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    I'm jealous. I actually talked to Hiker Ron at Cacheville and he told me he was driving the car. I SO wanted to check the car out. Sounds like a neat gig, but I believe he had said the end of his contract was nearing.

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    Hey Jerry. If you haven't looked at the website for the street view you are missing out. They have been in Glenwood. By looking at the pictures of the area I can tell the car was in Glenwood around Late November, December or very early January of 2007-08. I love Google Earth and Street View. It can be very addicting looking at places all over. If you are like me you want to check out high profile peoples houses. Try zooming in to Pres Obamas' house (Chicago home) using Google Earth. It won't let you get close. It says something about an error. That is just a nice way of saying, you ain't scoping out this area cause you might want to go postal in the area. Kinda scary that someone can look at your place by the internet. Good thing I am a country redneck. All my guns are loaded at ALL times.

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    Yep, it really shocked me to walk into a Wendy's in another town and have someone call out 'HikerRon!'. It was a fun lunch for sure.
    and Yes, the google-job ends next week and i have to transfer the car to another driver in another state.
    fun while it lasted, but now i'll be jobless again.
    Time to go cachin'!

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    That would be a great gig, but I would hate driving by all those caches without being able to stop and pick at least a few of them up!

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