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Thread: Removal of Additional Logging Requirements

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    Removal of Additional Logging Requirements

    On April 3, 2009, Groundspeak issued a new revision to the Cache Listing Requirements / Guidelines. Among the changes was a change regarding logging requirements for caches; more specifically, “additional logging requirement” (or ALR) caches. The guidelines now contain the following text:
    Logging of All Physical Caches

    Geocaches can be logged online as Found once the physical log has been signed.

    If it is appropriate for your cache location or theme, you may ask the cache seeker to accomplish an optional and simple task, either close to the cache site (normally within 0.1 miles or 161 meters) or when writing their online log. For example, wear the goofy hat inside the cache container and upload a photograph. Cache finders can choose whether or not to attempt or accomplish optional tasks. Cache owners may not delete the cache seeker's log based solely on optional tasks.

    This guideline change applies immediately to all logs written from April 4, 2009 and going forward. Older caches with "additional logging requirements" (ALRs) are not grandfathered under the older guideline. If you own an existing cache with mandatory additional logging requirements, we request that you:

    * Cease deleting logs based on additional logging requirements.
    * Review your own cache listing to see if the ALR can be made into an optional and simple task, or whether it must be removed altogether.
    * Adjust your geocache listing by editing the text then contact a reviewer to change the cache type, if appropriate.
    I have asked for clarification and have been told by Groundspeak that the following types of caches will be considered as ALR caches: caches which threaten deletion of logs which are “copy & paste” logs, or are not a certain number of words or sentences long. In other words, a simple “TFTC” logged online is sufficient if the cache finder signed the physical log in the cache. If you currently have a cache of this type, please modify your cache description to remove the requirement or make it optional. Please note that as the cache owner, you still retain the right and responsibility to police the logs posted against your cache, and you may delete any logs which appear to be false finds, obscene in nature, etc.

    It should be noted that challenge caches are still allowed to have special logging requirements. However, these caches must have “challenge” in the title, be listed as mystery/puzzle caches, and must be located at the posted coordinates. Logging of these caches as finds is done on an honor system, although the cache owner retains the right to delete any Found It logs where the cache finder did not meet the requirements of the challenge. There are only two types of challenge caches that Groundspeak allows to be at coordinates other than the posted coordinates and which require that the cache owner provide the coordinates to the cache hunter by email or other means. These two are the Delorme challenge and county challenge caches. Two examples of challenge caches in Arkansas which are at the posted coordinates are a Razorback Challenge cache in the Jacksonville / Cabot vicinity (I think) and another cache near Ft. Smith which requires that the finder have written logs of a certain length for several other caches, to be allowed to claim a find (sorry, but I don’t recall the name of the cache).

    If you have a question about whether your current or future cache complies with these requirements, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

    Chuck Walla Volunteer Cache Reviewer
    "Volunteering is for suckers. Did you know that volunteers don't even get paid for the stuff they do?" -- Homer Simpson

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    The challenge that Chuck Walla referred to is "Calliope's Challenge" (GC1JHBT). To claim this cache you need to log 30 consecutive caches with 50 words or more written in each log. It is located near Barling, AR just East of Fort Smith, AR.

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    I received an email from one Arkansas geocacher, asking about the reason for the change. For your information, here was my response:
    Thanks for the email. I cannot officially speak for Groundspeak; I can only pass along their guidelines and requirements and use them in my review work. My basic understanding of the reason for the change was the position that signing the physical logbook is how you claim a find, the rest doesn't really matter for logging. In other words, the act of signing the logbook/sheet was the point of success and any other stuff is extraneous. There is a long topic discussing this change in the Forums. I suggest you read through this for the explanation. If you need additional information or have a complaint, then you should making a posting to that thread.

    Chuck Walla
    "Volunteering is for suckers. Did you know that volunteers don't even get paid for the stuff they do?" -- Homer Simpson

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