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Thread: Breakfast and Birthday cake

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    Breakfast and Birthday cake

    I guess I am the early bird this morning all the others are hung over from eggs and birthday cake. If you missed these events you really missed out. IRBH and Bluezy really put it on yesterday. Russellville will never be the same. Good to see everyone again and am interested in seeing everyones post. The kids and I got 38 caches two great meals and alot of great conversation with fellow cachers. By the way Happy Birthday edieo. I, like IRBH said in his log for the event , liked you the first time I met you. A great asset to our community.

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    This was a great day to be a geocacher in Arkansas! Two great events put on by two great prople, One birthday gal, who gave herself the gift of 1000 finds the day before, a whole bunch of friends to see, and a major pile of smilies to obtain. Add to all that the adventure that Woodwalker and I had finishing off the Sweeden Island caches in the dark (flashlights back at the truck), and I, for one, had an unbelieveable day! Thanks to all who were involved and worked so hard to get this day together! Not one I will soon forget!
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    Thank you guys I really enjoyed the whole day it was fantastic ..

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