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Thread: The Adventures of Quartzcacher and Dentful1

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    Well I got my own tent! I'm surprised Bruce even slept with so many caches around.

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    He sang himself to sleep with the song "Millions of Peaches" but it was "Millions of Caches." LOL!!!!!

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    I haven't had time to reply here, due to a load of non geocaching stuff. I am still trying to get caches logged, but can't seem to get any significant amount of computer time to get this done, and you know copy and paste or one sentence logs. I just feel too guilty if I do.
    We had an unbelievable time down there, and we have been scouting out more areas to go plunder in the near future. We should get a crash and dash type event together and all go down there, much like the Springfield, Mo cachers did in Clarksville a few months back. It would be a hoot AND a holler!
    I love all caches and I love to go find as many as possible in one day. It is just part of the overall picture, however, and I love the history and the scenic areas as well. I just don't want anybody to think I only love numbers. These trips to these big number areas are more about the adventure of conquering strange wilderness and seeing new sights than gathering up big numbers. Although, at the end of the day, it is really cool to sit back and say, do you know what we just did!?
    One last thing. I could not do this without Dentful1's help! Y'all, he is like a bird dog! When we pull up to a cache location, he is on it like a duck on a June bug! Many times on this trip, the log was already being extracted by the time I got out from behind the steering wheel and my boots hit the ground. I think we make an excellent team.
    Now I think I'll go find just one today. HAHA!
    Happy 4th of July from Kansas, Y'all!
    Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only more cowbell!!

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    Since I haven't gotten any caches in Clarksville yet, a cache and dash event around there would be awesome.

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