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    Well it's been a pleasure to be part of this Arkansas geocaching explosion, I have been out of active caching for a little while now and would just like to thank all the geocachers that have made this last year a time to remember.

    I personally have enjoyed many a good hunt in the natural state and thanks to geocaching have enjoyed more wonders then I had in the previous 20 years that I grew up here. I started my geocaching lifestyle in Colorado over two years ago. I then joined in 2003 while living in Denver. I have seen the local evolution and have had mixed feelings about the change in caches but know the geocaching community had grown into strong force in the area.

    I am glad to have been a part of this local caching experience. As of June 2004 I am retiring my status as an Arkansas geocacher. I am packing up once again in search of greener fields and dreams. I will be moving to Fairbanks Alaska this month but will take with me the fruits and knowledge of your hard work. Thanks to you Fairbanks can expect to see some new ideas reach the area. I have know of this move for sometime and my caches have reflected my intentions, I have left only simple places with my name but have given much more devious advise to my companions along the way. As of now my placed caches are under my name, if anyone likes my locations please contact me and I will gladly turn the caches over. I would like to see the locations continued but due to my absence will remove and archive them with my departure, as I can no longer maintain them from 4000 miles away.

    I would like to thank all how have inspired me and made this last year a great caching area. With the continued interest of new cachers and direction of the community this sport will continue to grow strong. The list of cachers is to long for me to list but each and every one of you I have met have effected me and the sport and I would like to thank you. I have come a long way in the last year and hope you have all benefited from the sport. The fondness and respect for fellow man I have gained. We together have grown as a community and in some small way have added to the greatness of Arkansas.

    Thank you all
    David Spencer

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    Sorry to hear you are leaving us, Sancho. You never know, we might have the opportunity to find one of your Alaskan caches someday! Keep in touch and keep on caching!
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    Becareful on the move and you will be missed Sancho.
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