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Thread: NOT!!!! a "2nd Annual Meet and Greet/Bug Swap in Glenw

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuartzCachers
    Tell me about it! I would hire a profesional typist to write up my logs, and all I would have to do is talk. Since I am a professional talker, I could get a lot of logs submitted! I'll just bet that me and my professional typist, could find and log a thousand caches in a month! The possibilties boggle the mind! All I need is my check. Where does that line form?
    Hey hire me to type all your logs. I always have my logs posted before you do whenever we go caching togather. Man after the last few years I have had with lack of money 3 mill would have me set for life. I'd, cache, hunt, and fish the rest of my life. Ohh and type QC's logs too.

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    Lots and lots of money.

    That guy is about the dumbest individual I have ever heard of.... Ok, drugs are STUPID - I will say that first. Gee, just get high on geocaching. It works, just ask QC or L2C #1.

    My second thought is that he is DUMB - just pure DUMB. You give me that kind of money and all my time would be designated to having fun. Kids, grandkids, geocaching, camping, traveling, fishing, and I might even finish a book....

    Some folks have all the luck and then there is me........
    “There aren’t enough days in the weekend.”
    Rod Schmidt

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