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Thread: "Email for a hint": Good Idea or Bad?

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    Re: email?

    Quote Originally Posted by nonnipoppy
    Quote Originally Posted by demonicangel
    ........ I think your brother-in-law is the current champion of those abstract hints.
    Well it is the Golfnutz/Demonicangel School of useless cache hints
    Hahah, how about Golfnutz's clue on Pioneer House Micro:

    Neil expected to win many awards for this one, but did not. “Larry” did very little to console him.

    I still don't get that one even after I had it explained to me.


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    Here would be a few One size fits all sort of hints that few could argue with:
    "Look in the last place first"
    "finding the log book should help alot"
    Or loosely written in a language like Norwegian or Gaelic to add a little salt in the ......:
    "plassert hvor De ser lest"

    Seriously though. Attempting helpful but non-spoiler hints for my next cache has made me much more appreciative of those who are good at it.
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