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Thread: Hello from North Louisiana

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    Hello from North Louisiana

    Just wanted to stop in and say hello as a new user to the group. I have been caching now for almost two years (with time off during deer and turkey season). I want to make some trips up into Arkansas so I will be paying close attention to any discussions about some of the great caches in your state. I would also invite one and all to our "Third Times a Charm" Event (GC1KVAR) on April 4th at Lake D'Arbonne State Park not very far south of the state line.

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    Greetings 73Rebel from L.A. (Lower Arkansas) about 4 miles above the state line due south of El Dorado. I have been looking at some of your caches and now since I have completed my major Arkansas Challenges (DeLorme, County Challenge, and Arkansas State ParkCache Challenge) I have been zeroing in on some N.E. LA caches including many of your own around the Monroe area. I have a new G.P.S. and have already programmed many of those in so look out- cause here we (2Ter and I) come... We also plan on attending your event. We have found many of the Lake D’Arbonne S.P. caches, but still have several to find. Hope to meet you soon and welcome to the forum.

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    Welcome to the boards! Don't know when we'll get to get down that way and do some of your caches, but hopefully we will someday! I hope you find this board very useful and friendly!

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    Amen to the time off for huntin'. A guy's got to keep grounded you know. I still don't have a Louisiana find, and I'm looking forward to coming that way. I was only about four or five miles away on Saturday.
    Welcome to the site, and give one of us a holler when you feel like coming "uphill" to find some caches.
    Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only more cowbell!!

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