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Thread: Greetings from L.A. (Lower Arkansas)

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    Hey folks!!!! I'm another newbie from LA- Watson Chapel south of pine bluff. I'n new to this so new I havent found my first cache yet. I been looking but with no luck. I hope to see all you guys in August at Smackover Geocache Event. I'm not a firefighter but I build all of the Arkansas Forrestry commissions water tanks for their fire trucks. Anyways see yall all soon.
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    HuntDawg- Welcome to the sport, game, hobby, addiction.... I can tell you my wife wishes I hadn't found my first cache either If you still haven't found your first by the event please holler at me. I am a co-host of the event and would be HAPPY to show you around L.L.A. that would be Lower (than you) Lower Arkansas. There are dozens and dozens in the immediate area and with an all day event there will be plenty of time to show you around. You may also want to check out the event on Geocaching at the Smackover Oil and Brine Museum while you are there. It is a traveling exhibit geared directly toward geocaching- cache # GC1QPDH. It is very informative (and of course you can get another icon to go along with your event icon!) It is on my watch list and literally people have traveled from all over the United States to visit it. There is also a chance for you to get a regular, multi, puzzle, and Earthcache all in the area. Once again I welcome you. P.S. this sport is more to me than the "find" and the "numbers". Some of the best people I have ever met are involved in this sport and many will be at the event.

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