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Thread: Hello from Glenwood!

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    Hello from Glenwood!

    Well, I suppose I should say hello again. I started geocaching when I lived in Russellville and joined this site then. However I didn't get to know anyone here very well before I went and checked out of civilization and into the United States Marine Corps. I spent three months forgetting how to use technology and now I have a week or so here in Glenwood to learn to use my GPS before I head back out to do more training. Geocaching was one of the best ways to learn my GPS so I want to find the caches I didn't find around here before I have to leave again. Hopefully tho I will be able to maintain contacts on here as I travel the world as a Marine and it will give me many opportunities to find caches that I may never have had a chance to search for before.

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    I was wondering where you went. Now I know. Glad to have you back in redneckwood. Look me up this coming week for some caching in the area. I am busy with church and a old timer basketball practice sunday but monday, tuesday I can get with you after noon thirty.

    Aaron Bopp
    Rock Creek Road (across from "Wrong Order")

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    Hey mdlangley!


    topkitty98 (Beth)

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    Hi mdlangley,
    Welcome back. If you have time stop by this cache GC15FPH. It is not far down the road from Langley and I work there.
    It would be great to meet you.

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    Thanks for the warm re-welcome everyone. I'll do the best I can to get around. I work with the recruiters in Hot Springs this week so I work long hours. I think I'm going to have to do most of my geocaching in the early morning hours or after dark (oooh adventure!). I leave out a week from Tuesday so we'll see how it goes. I'm fixing to go grab one at the park in Glenwood. It's a little hike so I'm grabbing a flashlight and I'll be back in a little bit to let you know how it went.

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    Well, after a couple of minutes of actually having time to try to go geocaching, I have learned two things. One, I will prolly never get my wife to actually desire to follow me into battle err... geocaching without some guarantee that we will find what we are looking for within 5 minutes. Then again trying to get a woman who is 6 months pregnant to look for caches in 30ish degree weather prolly doesn't say much for my intelligence. Two, I really suck at finding micro and nano caches. Other than that, learning my GPS again is going well and if I have a couple of hours off in the next couple of days I'm planning on giving you a call Dentful1 and seeing if we can meet up. I leave out on Tuesday so hopefully I will be able to give you a call tomorrow or Saturday.

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    First off, Thanks for serving our country!! Welcome back I hope you get to find a few before you ship back out.

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