Well, I guess I'll get my 2 cents worth in on this topic.
Well, I'll start off by saying my biggest pet peeve is coords that are way off, especially on micros. I understand that no one's unit will read the exact same as another's so anything within aroun da 25ft radius I see as very good. When I hide mine, what I try to do is get about 10 readings the day I place the cache. Then the next day I'll take a few more AND I bring BeerHog along with me so he can check it with his. Then I average them all in and go from there. That way I'm pretty sure I have coords that should be close for almost anyone. Having said that, I want to bring up something that has happned to us (but I'm not sure if it happned to anyone else). We hid a cache, Down by the Creek, back when we were getting all those solar flares. Well the first few finds went without a glitch. I had intended the cache to be relatively simple. I checked my coords just like I did all my others. After that, everyone started having trouble finding it. BeerHog and I even went out to verify our coords and we were getting them way off after the flares were over. I had to end up posting a really good (at least I think it's really good) for stage one so it makes it findable again. I don't know if the flares had anything at all to do with it... but I guarantee SOMETHING was going on at the time.
I love a challenging urban micro. And I love a simple rural.
What I look for in an urban cache is something challenging with a unique container.
As for rural caches, if I'm going to drive way out of my way and take a long hike up into the woods, I want a simple find. If I have to post a DNF I probablly won't visit again. I just feel if someone is willing to go to the trouble of going so far out they should be rewarded with a find. Also, those caches hidden where there is a magnificant view are ones that are on my favorite list. I don't mind the briars, steep climbs or anything like that. In fact, I find them quite fun. But I do want to come out of it with a find.
All in all, if I want to hide a difficult micro, I'm going to do it closer to town, if I want a simple find I'm going to do it in the woods. But I know everyone has different interests, that's just mine.