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Thread: Boy Scouts and geocaching

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    Boy Scouts and geocaching

    I had another customer stop by today who mentioned that he liked to hike, and was involved with Boy Scouts. I naturally asked him if he had a GPS, and he said yes. A big grin spread accross my face, and I asked him if he heard of geocaching, he said no. I took him over to my computer, and showed him. He asked me to email him the link, so I did. He said it sounded very interesting, and like something the scouts could do.

    I'll follow-up with him, to see what he thinks.

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    Phantom, when you talk to him again you might point out that a girl scout troup learned all about it and placed a cache in Pinnacle Mountain State Park.

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    Other options


    You might want to talk to LD. His boys are in BS and I think his troup does do caching. He might be able to give you some advice about working with the scouts.

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