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    Okay, I think we've talked about this one before, but I couldn't find the thread, so how about we do it again?!

    On Christmas Eve, we found the most awesome DNF!
    Martin Wash Crossing GCGR8E
    You know there are DNFs you try that you know you are just off in the mojo for the day and then there are DNFs that are probably not there. Weeelllll, going into this one I knew there was every possibility that it was missing, but we wanted to see the area. Our Jeep tends to run off on its own and go places it shouldn't, so she didn't listen and ran off down the side of the hill/valley on a 4wheeler trail... okay, okay, it really wasn't bad at all (trust me, we've done much much worse!) We got to the area that was .15 away and it looked no worse than before, so down down we went. Our only trouble was the little humps of dirt , but hey I'll bet they are not too bad anymore since we have been through there twice now!

    We pulled up within 45 feet of the cache (or non cache) and piled out. I did look for awhile, but soon decided that it was no longer around, so I went exploring. I crossed the creek and went up the hill, I came back and went down stream. WOW it is a most awesome spot! Down from the cache area (the wash) there is a 25/30 foot waterfall, there are numerous curious looking grottos and bluff lines, there are ferns the size of mushrooms perfectly formed together like moss, there were water droplets under rock edges, there is a pivot rock thatlooks like it made someone nervous so they proppped it up . . . it is just awesome! We went back 3 days later in a DRIVING rain and there was water everywhere! There was a rushing cascade, the falls very wide with a heavy flow, it was spectacular!

    You have to try it!
    The cache owner hasn't logged onto the site since 2005, but I emailed him anyway. We'll see. Maybe someone (me? 58 miles from home?) can adopt it or at least the area. It is just too good to let this area go bare.

    Anybody else have a good DNF? =^oo^=

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    That's a great story TK. You should definitely adopt it or just take another container out there.

    As far as great DNF's for us it's kind of a tie. The most scenic one hands down was "Lock Yer Hubs." It is in a beautiful location with an awesome swimming hole. We had a lot of fun at that one.

    A close second would be " not leave your gun at home". Nowhere near as scenic but I had a blast scaring the bejeebees out of Mrs. Navigator. The kids still talk about that one.

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