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Thread: Cold 'caching..

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    Cold 'caching..

    This cold spell reminds me of a sub-zero caching trip i made in Denver one time. My friend and I were searching for an ammo can in the rocks around a lake that was completely frozen over. We found it alright.....frozen solid in ice! Apparently the water level has risen before it froze over. Not having an ice axe with us , there was nothing we could do to retrieve the cache. After emailing the cache owner and telling him about the situation, he let us go ahead and log a find
    Let me hear your cold weather caching stories...

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    Rhone took me to 4-Wheeling's lake one morning with ice around the shore. The ice was not the problem, the cord was uncooperative, but ultimately the submergered cache rose to the surface.
    Things come to a halt in areas of Colorado this time of year as Hiker-Ron knows. The website here has a list of winter friendly caches which is a bare fraction of the state's caches.
    Oh, it's only 18 degrees with heavy snow in Ridgway. Winter storm warning in effect for the next 24 hours. No caching for sure..

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