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Thread: Blowing Cave Bonus Cache

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    GeoJeepers Guest
    I'm with you's now the next morning and I can barely move...I think it hurts to blink! I haven't done anything that was this hard on me in many years, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything. Shadowhound did a great job....we were squeezing thru cracks and huffing and puffing, and he was 2 feet behind the leader the whole time asking "is this the right way?". Great adventure...and even though I can't move today I definitely will do it again (just not this week!) KD5JNL and I were the old timers in the group (considering the rest of you are young pups) , and we came out OK! To come out and have Woodwalker waiting with food was awesome...those were some great tasting hot dogs! Thanks to Majii for bringing his friends from Texas and guiding us thru this was awesome! Thanks to all for letting me tag along.

    p.s. HondaCacher was not happy when he heard about the adventure he missed out on...he wants to know when the next trip is going to be!

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    Brettp2004 Guest
    This was definitely an experience. Like shadowcacher said, there are really no words to explain how amazing it was. Thanks to the guides for getting us to the waterfall and then back to the light of day. If anyone wants to check out the video I put together of the trip it's on my facebook, Brett Phillips. Feel free to add me as a friend. And yes, my camera did survive the trip, I had to take the waterproof housing completely apart to get all of the mud out! I would like to do it again in the future and would definitely recommend tackling this cache to anyone thinking about it. And a good tip before you go in... don't think about it, just do it.

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    Lots of Brett Phillips on Face Book. I'd love to see the video though.

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    Brettp2004 Guest
    I guess there is, sorry about that. Email is if that helps. If not, my network is US Air Force and the profile picture is me hanging off the edge of a cliff. I think you can look it up by email though.

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    majii Guest
    As has been mentioned, I believe we all had a good time here. Many thanks to woodwalker9 for sticking around and having food ready for us when we got back (and washed off all the caked-on mud). He's just a plain awesome person. I'm fairly certain that Daniel (the mostly muggle) and jinx1 would be up for this again at some point in the future, just not the immediate future. Of course, now there are more potential guides, so I don't feel like I absolutely have to go the next time, but I doubt it would take much arm twisting to get me there. Each time I go I learn a little more about what I should've brought...

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    BrettP I loved the video. Thank you for sharing.

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    pshelto Guest
    Wow guys sounds like a blast! Unfortunately I couldn't make it; I was busy tackling 'the Mother' up in NWA. I took four muggles with me and we had a blast but it sounds like the blowing cave was a true experience. I am sad I missed out and will be watching for the next big trek out there.

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    KD5JNL Guest
    Kd5jnl & Geojeepers by the waterfall

    The Crew before
    me going through one of the tight spots

    Comming out the other side of the tunnel. From here you go stright up

    The aftermath

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    WOW! Those are amazing photos! Thanks for sharing!

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    drmo913 Guest
    WOW! Great pics! Looks like you guys really enjoyed yourselves!

    I had been hoping to go with you guys, but I had company from out of town (Taiwon) that I was visiting with the day of the finding.

    Great job!

    I look forwarding to logging this cache soon!

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