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Thread: Your first cache find and your online log (post it here)

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    The first I found was Busby Lake (GC10B7G) in Ward. Which I adopted and have it archived right now. I'm trying to come up with another container to prevent it from getting muggled. The original container was getting muggled very quickly. I re-did it once in a way I thought was "unmugglable" but it soon disappeared. I have another idea that should be pretty hard to find. Anyway, here is my log on 03/29/2008:

    This is my first found geocache. Pretty neat.

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    Our first find was "Magnolia at Chestnut" ( by BSA534 on June 23, 2008. The log reads:
    "Extremely Excited! First Find! Choose this one because it appeared to be the easiest find. My wife and I found this together tonight. TFTC!"


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    markrocks916 and I found:
    GCG5K4 Serenity Garden Revisited by bebopishere
    Funny thing is that bebop lives less than a mile or so from us and we never knew him. Then we met them and Mark became friends with their daughter. Last year she helped me place our family ad in his classmates' Senior yearbook. Oh, how this small geocaching world has helped us heal --

    Wow! Our first cache! We have to visit this location on a regular basis(the business) and had no idea this inside outside existed! We are now hooked on the sport -- thanks so much! Took the brown rock, left a 2003 penny and a Louisiana quarter. Not much stuff in the box.

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    I don't do a lot of postings, and because we only get to visit the Natural State a couple times/year, I usually just stay in the background. But I enjoy this thread....Our first cache find was in Wisconsin back in 2002, Rocky Arbor (GCFBA)

    January 19, 2002 by Hotdogs_Off_Trail (1040 found)

    A beautiful winter's day for a hike in the woods. Our first find (found by Bonnie - she made me write this) was a great one. A 2 inch cover of snow made the rocky scenery even more beautiful, although added a degree of slipperiness to the off trail portion. It took us a while to poke around until we actually found the cache. Still in good condition. We wrote in the log, took a couple tic tacs, and left our namesakes - 2 plastic hotdogs. Another great reason to hike in the woods. We loved it!
    Hotdogs_Off_Trail - Bonnie, Jeff, Madison & Murray

    A great way to get introduced to geocaching. In March of that year we made our first vacation to the Ozarks of Arkansas, and by seeking out 10 of the 11 caches I had printed out, we fell in love with Arkansas. (WE plan on retiring near Mountain Home, hopefully soon.) By finding those 10 caches, out of 54 in the whole state at that time, we were in the top 25% of Arkansas geocachers for a while.

    Geocaching has come a long ways since then. Keep up the good work Arkansas geocachers, and thanks for putting out those caches for the rest of us to find. We have placed 4 near Mountain Home that are monitored locally by the Cachecrazies. Happy Trails!!
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    Here is the log of my first find!!! Really didn't expect to still be doing it this long. Thought the fun would wear off, but it hasn't! Gets more fun every time!!!

    "GeoFinder24 found Cobblestone Cache

    This was my first find! Included in hunt was myself, wife, son, bro-in-law, sis-in-law, 2 nephews and niece. Live in Arkansas, came to OK to visit in-laws. This was the first geocaching trip for all involved. Way more fun than expected! TFTC!!! TSLSSL"
    Happy 'Caching!!

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