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Thread: Your first cache find and your online log (post it here)

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    May 2008
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    6/7/2008 GCCC-Fourche Loupe
    I read about geocaching in the newspaper and thought it sounded fun. It was great. This is my very first cache. I am off to do another one.

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    My first cache was on Thanksgiving day. I was out with my sister Gingerose and the rest is history. I love this sport.

    11/27/2008 You found Mall Median (Traditional Cache) GC1DX0H
    Found this with my sister while she was showing me the geocaching habit she had developed. Well I got the fever and now I am hooked.

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    My first was De Soto Meets the Caddo GCRGC3

    January 25 by pshelto (305 found)
    Great hide! It took some time but we found it.

    I had a broken leg at the time and was out geocaching with a crutch and using a mini-pc. We couldn't figure out how to make it go-to so we just compared the coords it was giving and the coords we needed.

    Good times!

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    I had heard of geocaching but in my mind it was done by gadget freaks somewhere else. I took a GIS course and the teacher was discussing GPS and mention geocaching, then showed us a cache page he had printed......THEN he said there was one behind the truck stop in town. The next morning i went looking before work and all i could find was a lump of wire. I told the teacher what I'd found and he said "Its hanging on a nail behind the building dummy". At lunch Iwent back and found it. I was amazed at all the signatures on the log. It was on then!!!

    Breaker Breaker One Nine by ldy_bug (1/1.5) GCP6CK
    9/6/2007 by chimps8mybaby
    my 1st one!

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    I thought I would give this thread a "bump" for a couple of reasons. First, today is the 5th Anniversary of my 1st geocache find and second I thought many new members may have never seen this post buried in all the others. So, once again below is the online log for my 1st find. I invite everyone to share their first online log here too!

    April 13, 2006 by paris1time

    This was the first cache ddkds and I have found! We just started geocaching. We had a hard time finding it at first, but after I noticed that the coordinates in my GPSr were different than those on the printout from the cache we found it. I downloaded the waypoint and put it on my GPSr, so not sure what was up with that. We found the cache in good shape. We left a Mini-Magic 8 Ball and some silly putty. We took the bracelet left by BPSHideNSeek to have something to remember our first find. We took some pics and I have added them.

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    I thought this was a pretty cool thread, so I figured I'd share my first find. This cache has since been archived.

    September 4, 2010 by DaTexanBoy (536 found)

    This was pretty awesome. I just downloaded this to my iPhone today, and can already tell this geocaching will be addictive. Had fun doing this for my first one. Didnt really know what to expect. Awesome.

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    live in eastern Oklahoma
    What a fun thread you have started. Thanks Paris1time.

    My first find was a virtual---Sweet Woman GCD38F on 10-24-08 I didn't even own a gps but wanted to find a cache. Took some walking but finally located. My pitiful log was

    "found the virtual"

    My first actual cache using a gps was -- Battle of Backbone Mountain GCXT1Z on 11-1-08. My log on this cache was not much better

    "new at caching and really glad to have found this"

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    Our first cache was Cachemates's Take a Break cache in the roadside park near Glenwood...

    This is our very first cache and looking back we have to admit that you created a monster (or two) with this cache. We are addicted to geocaching and you are the reason...! I had been trying to get L2C1 interested in geocaching and had been having no luck. I plugged this cache into the gps and dropped the gps into my bag. When we were driving by, I got him to stop and then try and find this cache. It had him scratching his head until he realized that something nearby was not the proper type. His interest was tweaked. It took one more cache out in the middle of Lake Ouachita and you guys had him by the ..... gps.....

    We loved it and we love you guys!

    likestocanoe gang
    Jim, Sandy, and Tanner (The Cocker Spaniel)
    “There aren’t enough days in the weekend.”
    Rod Schmidt

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    My first find was Joe Electric's 1st Times The Charm (GC10GDX), which is now archieved. Here was what I wrote on that first log; "#1 Cache! 1st time to geocache - a lot of fun! Had my 25 yr. old daughter with me. It made an excellent way to spend some time together. Even had some people there playing with their dog help in the find. Was a little off - try @ 20 yards south. This is great!"
    I remember that it was a little tough to find since the coords were off a little, but it was such a rush of excitement when we finally uncovered the ammo box. Needless to say, I was hooked!!

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    My first find was Lake Harrison Trail Cache (GCBC60). As with a large number of my hunts, it was preceded by two DNF's. I recall the regular-sized plastic container being right in the middle of the trail under a tree root, and I still couldn't find it. The recorded logs still sound like something I would post today:

    2/03/03: Couldn't find it. I looked all over, but gave up after I got too cold. Will return.
    2/06/03: Looked again, but still no luck. Either the geocache is missing or I'm not very good at this game. Will ask for a hint.
    2/10/03: Third time is a charm! The rookie scores! Good hide. Now, to make some caches of my own for everyone to enjoy...

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