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Thread: Geocaching pictures on desktop.

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    Geocaching pictures on desktop.

    Phantom 491's post about converting a muggle to geocaching set me to thinking - what a great idea - using a geocaching picture as wallpaper on your computer desktop. An especially good idea for those that work in an office where others will see your desktop. I have over 180 pictures in my gallery and I add more everytime I visit a cache. Many of these were taken at caches you all have visited and will recognize.

    The gallery pictures have all been resized to 600 X 450 pixels. I have all the originals which are 2048 X 1536 pixels and much more suited to using for wallpaper. If anyone would like me to email them one for that purpose, let me know.


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    After seeing some of your pictures on Saturday, we would love to have some of them on our desktop! My people at work know about geocaching anyway - but maybe these would prod them into participating!

    The only problem - hmm, is which ones? We'll let you be the judge of that since they were all fantastic!

    I (Mrs. Crazy) have one on my desktop at work from Webshots - they now have a whole "hiking" category some of which are great. But I'd love to have some of Arkansas areas - especially your pictures!

    Thanks for the offer!
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