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Thread: Hello from Clarksville

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    Hello from Clarksville

    I've overheard several co-workers talk about geocaching, I've enjoyed doing research in variety of different forums and websites. What a wealth of information! It sounds like a great sport. My family needs extra incentives to get our daily exercise. I think I've found the ploy!

    Choosing the GPS unit might be the toughest task. I'd like to have a duel functioning that's versatile enough to utilize Google Maps or other internet/web browser interfaces. Convenience of use is a high priority, yet don't want to spend an arm/leg for the hand-held device.

    If anyone has suggestions on what they feel is the best long-term investment, please speak your two cents. Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the ArkGeo forums.

    As for a GPSr, I don't know of any that allow you to access the web. I'd highly recommend getting a unit with a color screen. That seems to be a real benefit. Get one that allows you to plug it into your computer using a usb cable. This will allow you to download coordinates which is much easier than entering them by hand.

    Many gpsrs come with basic maps, but to get the most benefit you need to purchase either street or topo maps. Garmin seems to be the most popular brand. The 60csx was the top dog until the new Colorados & Oregons came out. Plan on spending some $$$ if you want one of those units.

    If you have any questions about specific models please post them, I'll be someone here has experience with just about every model you can name.

    Hope I didn't just confuse you more.

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    Welcome to the boards and geocaching! You may find it helpful to head to Center Ridge to attend the 2nd Annual Conway County Geocaching Event on October 25, 2008. Here is the gc# to look up on GC1FXTX You can at least get a look at several of the units we all use to get an idea of the usability and features.

    We use a Garmin gpsmap 60c and really enjoy it. If I was to get another one of these models I would look for the 60csx. The x has a removable memory card slot so you can store more on it. You can look on the forums for good deals on new and used gps units, accessories, and software. Ebay is a good place too, that is here my wife found ours.

    As for usability, you can make the gpsmap 60c series as easy or hward to use as you want. You have fully customizable screens so you can add just the information you want on each individual screen.

    They are very usable without topo or street maps. Topo map software on the unit will be a welcomed upgrade someday, but we can find caches easy enough without it.

    Good luck and hope you can get started soon.

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