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Thread: What's your best excuse ever used to go Caching?

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    What's your best excuse ever used to go Caching?

    Just looking for some good stories about caching. I know I have to use one every once in awhile.
    Geocaching may be a sport, but it's also a way of life!

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    We were searching for a cache on a tank in a local park. There were a bunch of little boys playing on and near the tank and of course they wanted to know what we were doing. We told them that we wanted to build a tank like this one in our back yard and we needed to get a closer look at it. They believed us and wanted to know what we were going to do with the tank. We told them we were going to drive it to Wal-Mart and they were perfectly happy with that answer. They wanted to know if they could come see it when it was finished and we said, "sure". As we were leaving we overheard one of the boys telling his dad about the tank we were building and asking if they could build one too. Wish everyone was that easy to fool...

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    rkl wanted to do just one more cache.

    Just one more cache!
    Once on a caching trip to the Fayetteville area with rklmbl and woodwalker9, We were on our way home, It was getting late and had been a long day. As we got into Alma, Rkl ask. Would yaíll mind if we stopped and found just one more cache?

    This was just a simple Tram Law Skirt Lifter but it turned out to be the most exicting cache of the day.
    Now when we started out this morning Ronís Stealth was at its peak but by now most of his stealth had worn off.

    He navigated us to the cache location and jumped out and said Iíll get this one! Like I said most if not all his stealth was gone by now. He grabbed the skirt and in his no stealth mode he lifted that skirt as high as he could reach above his head. Now when he turned that thing loose it started shimming down that pole now that was a real attention getter.

    All of a sudden we heard a loud WHAM BANG, Not far away was a guy in a new Buick that apparently was watching rkl and not that big Yellow Pipe filled with concrete.
    We all watched as he tried to get his new Buick off that Yellow Pipe. He was not having a good day.

    Finally his wife got out and come around and took control of the new Buick. She managed to get it backed off the pipe. Ron just waved at the Buick with the Yellow stripe down the side as they drove off.

    Now if you ever get tired of Skirt Lifters and you think they are boring maybe you need to go caching with rklmbl. You will never get bored again.

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