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Thread: Other things to do in parks while Geocaching

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    Other things to do in parks while Geocaching

    I just thought you might enjoy seeing some of the other things we do in parks. This is the new TV ad that hits this fall:

    You can watch it here: Making Extreme Memories

    I am also known as Arkansas State Parks

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    There are activities other than geocaching!??

    That was a really neat promo. I know we always enjoy our visits to state parks. Especially any with interpretive trails. It's a lot of fun taking the kids along and showing them the information. They like to read the signs to Mom and Dad so they're teaching us.

    The programs by park staff are fun also. The kids are working on becoming junior naturalists now. That's a fantastic program the kids are looking forward to completing. So much so that we had to scrap our plans for attending an event in October so we can visit another park. They even said they would rather go to Lake Catherine than to get costumes and go trick-or-treating Of course we still have to buy candy.

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