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Thread: More misadventure

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    More misadventure

    GC1989V The Deadly Cache Container

    Well, this one was going to be the century mark for me but not today. I looked all over for it. I had my laptop with me and took the hint and was right at the spot. I looked all over and turned over everything I could turn over. No dice. I was out 6:20 and decided I barely had enough time to get back. A bout that time two fisher man rounded the corner. I asked to hitch hike back. They came over and got me. Glad they did, I may not have made it back to the trails before it got dark. I went across the pond to get Ernie Keebler's Place.

    GC198AF Ernie Keeblers' Place

    Hit the century mark on this one. I thought it would be The Deadly Cache Container. After hitch hiking across the pond with the fisherman. I had them drop me off at a spot where they knew a trail was and I could see a way up. Well, that spot was nearly an island. I crawled to the top and there was a 30/40 ft gap between were I was and where I wanted to be. I thought I saw a way up the other side. I jumped down about 20 feet. It was kind of a soft landing and not to muddy. From there I could still see the fisherman and i thought about yelling for them but decided not to embarass myself.
    I went to where I was going to ascend and it was not as easy as I thought. I went back to embarass myself and call them back. They were gone. Ouch. My phone had no bars. Well I just had to dig down deep and get up to the top. It was about a 30 ft climb did not take long after deciding it was get up or wait for more fisherman. Some high schoolers were throwing a beer party not far away but there was not any way I was going to ask them for help. I got up to the top and the rest of the story is fairly boring compared to this. I walked down a trail, nothing happened. I managed to even find it and barely squeak back to the parking place before dark but I had a flat tire.

    Just before I got to The Deadly Cache Container. I had a premination that I was going to find a dead body one of these days. On the cache I went to next. I smelled something real bad and my flashlight hit a rotting pitbull that did not do so well in the fight and was dumped. I called the sheriff and reported it. Did not log this on their page. Did not want to bring folks down about their cache and maybe archive it.

    The spot was a great spot otherwise. Too bad somebody had to do that to their dog.

    That was also my first night cache. The two I went after that did not pan out and were DNF's.

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    whew! sounds like quite an adventure!

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