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Thread: Wow - This looks like fun!

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    Wow - This looks like fun!

    Hello, I am completely new to geocaching (or treasure hunting as my kids call it), but it looks like great fun. Can someone tell me if there are some "recommended" caches for kids to discover? I have 3 small children 7, 5, and 3. We are located in Southern Little Rock, and will do most searching on the week-end.

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    A couple of my favorites that kids would love in the Little Rock area are:
    GCMPFK I Dream of Krispy Kremes (very creative container)
    GCZ21Z SKIPPY-peanut butter playland
    GCR873 The Great Wall of Ash

    THere are lots more. Burns Park will keep you busy for a long time. My kids like to find just about any of them as long as its big enough for some swag! Have fun!

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    Burns Park is certainly full of good caches! Like BSA534 says, as long as it holds some swag you're OK. When our kids were smaller we had to find 3 ammo can caches for every micro or they would get bored. Just watch your container size and difficulty always want to look at the treasures, and you won't have much luck with one that's hard to find - their patience won't last! If you are a premium member you can run a pocket query to give you what you want.

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