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Thread: What does your handle mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jffok
    It is also fun because lots of people have mistakenly thought of me as a Jeff.

    Not me .... I always knew you were a Jerry.

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    I am a grandmother of 7. I first became a grandmother at the age of 38. I loved the babies soo much but hated the idea of be called grandma! I was too young for that. So I told my children that I would rather be called Nana. All seven grandchildren know me as Nana and my hubby as Papa. Whe I registered on I tried just using Nana but it was taken . I then tried Nanabear as one of my grandchildren likes to call me that. Guess what, it was taken too! As a last ditch I tried Arkienana and yay!!! it worked! I like using Arkienana as my handle because whenever I go out of state and sign a log everyone knows where I'm from.

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    Farmnurse comes from a time when I used to live way out in the country and my profession was as a surgery nurse, I have used it for various things ever since. Have been using it since about 1996 or 97.
    Changed my geocaching name to a team name since my husband didnt want his own account. On it is now Team CaDo which comes from taking the first two letters of CArl and the first two of DOnna which are my husband and I.

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    My name, Guwisti, pronounced Goo-Wee-s-Tea, is just an elder's interpretation of my name (Kristie) in Cherokee, which I am. Most of my friends over in Tahlequah, just shorten it to Guwist. Thought about doing something with Catfish or Badger, both nicknames of mine. But when you're anxious to sign up and start you just don't think about these things! lol.

    Catfish is my parents nickname for me because, "All mouth and no brains". Can you feel the love?!

    And Badger is because I'm tough, mean and protective like a badger when provoked!
    Mother to 2 dogs - Foxer, the chicken herder and Bo, the pug, 1 kitty chupacabra princess Daksi and Married to a wonderful man, Pizzaboy2600.

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    If you know USA football you will understand our name. Our family is one of few that are diehard Razorback and Saints fans. All my hog brethren told me that if your a Hog fan you gotta be a cowboys fan. Well no says I. It was my understanding growing up that if you loved the Hogs, you hated everything Texa$$. But I wanted a NFL team to root fur too. So growing up, I had a love for underdogs. If your a Hog fan, you understand this. Well, you don't get more underdog than the New Orlean Saints. I love the Saints as much as I love my piggies. So when we needed a geocaching name I was still on my superbowl high (kinda still on it now :) and I knew WhoDatCrew was unique and it covers my whole family.

    Woot, just realized it was my first post. Wall of text FTW!
    Do unto others, before they undo you.

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    Well, mine is plain and simple. I was born in Ft.Worth Texas into a military household. So I always held on to Texas as my home. Plus I was stationed in Texas for 4 years myself active duty. The Boy comes from being a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.

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