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Thread: Gardians of the Dead Mans Cache, Searcy.

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    Gardians of the Dead Mans Cache, Searcy.

    Yesterday while doing a small assault on Searcy. I went to Dead Mans Cache which is located behind Captian D's. While signing the log I noticed a mother cat and four, maybe five kittins come out of the woods. They appeared to be living in the area. Not sure if thiers a cat rescue in Searcy but they were very beautiful cats and seemed to be under feed. Anybody in the Searcy Area could make a call and possibly help rescue these cats would be great. i would have but already have three rescued dogs at house. Thanks goes out to anybody who helps..
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    awww.. (I've already rescued enough Searcy pets, thank you ). I'd recommend calling the humane society in Searcy on Johnson and let them know of kittens. Don't grab and drop them off (they charge $45 I think for surrender.. which probably explains my story, huh?).

    Their number is 501-268-3535 ( I still remember it after calling it TWICE last week)

    (and Nora too)

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