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    Website Manager

    Kevin Cackler has submitted his resignation as Website Manager due to moving out of the country. We are looking for one of our members with the technical ability, experience and willingness to become our new Website Manager. Kevin has agreed to stay on long enough to turn over to the new manager and he will remain available to answer questions and offer advice. We may consider forming a two or three person team to manage the website to spread the duties and ensure we have continuity if someone wasn't available.

    Kevin provided the following information on what the job entails:
    I spend <30 minutes per MONTH on website duties. The main thing is manually approving new member registrations. Because of the huge number of spam registrations, I manually review all registrations to make sure they're legitimate. If that doesn't get done, those new members won't be able to post.
    Truthfully, there isn't much to do to keep it going.

    Anyone interested please reply to this post or send me a private message or email.
    Thanks, Rich Swanson
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    I love the idea of having a team for website management and I would be happy to help run and put this together. I know there are several cachers that are great at this kind of stuff as they have run or do similar things in their normal jobs. I talked with Kevin briefly as I was trying to get some member stats for our membership committee and spoke to several other things. Either way, barring some unforeseen crash it would be a extremely easy side thing to do and even the crash is recoverable if backups are done routinely. If we act fairly quickly with this I or whomever can take notes for what has to happen for the voting/election stuff that is coming up; he says it is easy but has a few steps to actually take to reset things for current year.
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    Rick, I sent you a PM.

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    I'm not any good with web sites. Just know enough to get by. Sorry!!

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