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    Eureka Springs

    We went to Eureka Springs over the weekend and did a few caches in that area. We have been going up there for years but never to geocache. We did one of Ruff Riders caches out at Beaver dam. We really enjoyed that one. Bonnie had a fall on another cache and scraped her leg pretty bad but she kept going.
    We went to another cache" Eureka" and since the cache was across the lake and it was a long hike around to it and Bonnie's leg was hurt We rented a paddle boat to paddle across, Now we haven't been in a paddle boat since" Dogpatch" was going strong. We got across , tied the boat and got our gear out of the boat. Bonnie got her gps out of the backpack but I could not find my nearly new Meridian Gold, Panic set it but we could not find it. We went on to find the cache but I was just sick, I had lost my gps.
    We got back and looked in the Blazer it was not there, Now I was really sick. I had showed it to the lady at the Marina and told her about geocaching just before we got the paddle boat, So I was sure I laid it down and left it there on the dock.
    Bonnie to the rescue, It was in one of the smaller pockets that I didn't look in. Now I'm a Happy Cacher.
    Just as we got to a cache in Eureka Springs we saw this man and girl leading a dog that we had saw earlier downtown . They got to the cache the same time we did so we tried to wait until they left. Then they sat down and we just walked around, then I noticed a GPS in the girl's hand. I asked if the were geocachers YES the girl said, this was the first cachers we had ever met on the trail. (on the street) We talked awhile we gave them our name they gave us theirs and I told them about ArkGeocaching and now I see where they have joined and are the newest members. goodwolve from Eureka Springs. It was great to meet them and I hope to see them again. Paige (the Girl) Greg her dad were about as excited as you can be when we said goodby. I think this was their 4th find. I'm sure there will be more.

    Jerry Bonnie & Abby

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