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Thread: You are invited

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    You are invited

    You are invited to come and help celebrate Ted and Sue Roberts, aka searcykid and quiltinggranny, 50th wedding anniversary August 16th at the Cloverdale Church of Christ in Searcy. This is a come and go event from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and snacks will be served. Come by and wish this great couple congratulations.

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    50 years! Man that's awesome! That's longer than I am old, and I'm a grandpa! That's a great milestone! Congratulations!
    Guess what?! I got a fever, and the only more cowbell!!

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    50 years! now that's the marriage is supposed to work. i only made it 17 on my first and 10 on my second.

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    Searcy, Ark
    Thank you Woodwalker9 for your kind post of Quiltingranny and my 50th Anniversary Celebration.
    And thank you everyone for your kind Congratulations.

    But this is an Official Invite to come by and say hello on our special day.

    The coordinates that will take you to the parking lot of the building are:

    N 35° 14.593 W 091° 42.100

    The coordinates will take you to a cache placed by Honda Cacher called
    "Red Men -Cloverdale C of C" GC waypoint CG1ACEV

    Make a caching day out of August 16th and drop by and say" HI" and log the cache nearby.

    As a lot of you already know, Searcy is a great place to cache.
    So if you come early and stay late you can add a fantastic amount of caches to your total.

    Here are some examples of posts by a couple of caching teams that drove all the way from Mississippi to find out for themselves what they had heard about the caching in Searcy.

    EAGLE700 posted on may 24th

    "Found with Pushmataha during our "Caching Assault on Searcy". We achieved more than our goal, and after 15.5 hours of non-stop caching, we had logged 120 finds!! This is a really great town to go geocaching, and all the cachers here have done a great job with their hides. We enjoyed the mix of the fun & quick ones along with the more difficult tough ones. And we even had a few DNF's as well. Thanks to all the wonderful Searcy cachers for all their great hides and for making this super fun caching outing possible!! We will be back for the ones we missed."

    May 24 by Pushmataha (1694 found)
    "Thank you Searcy! I’m not a fan of cut and paste logs, but when you think about our day, you can begin to understand the need for them. Eagle700 and I made the journey from Mississippi to Searcy because we had heard about all the great caches here. We drove up yesterday, had a great supper at Coltons, and went to bed. At six o’clock this morning we started caching with a couple of goals in mind. By the end of the day, we had found 120 caches after having cached non-stop for 15˝ hours! The highlight of our trip was having the honor of meeting caching legends Woodwalker9, ice cream man and GeoJeepers! Our expedition to Searcy was everything we had hoped it would be. Thank you!"
    Starkville, Mississippi

    and on April 15th another couple of Mississippi cachers posted this:

    April 15 by Biloxi Bay (1176 found)
    "Teamed with Leftygator for a caching trip to Searcy, AR, #24 of 93 finds today, no muggles. TFTC
    Thanks to all the cachers in the Searcy area for the layout of your caches. We also found a number of quality and unique caches and as a bonus we actually found 5 different containers that neither of us had seen before. We only found 2 wet logs & 2 with ants out of 93 which attests to how well you maintain your caches."

    April 15 by Leftygator (3188 found)
    "Teamed with Biloxi Bay on Searcy run all the way from Biloxi, MS. What a great bunch of caches all of you put out. We knew where this one would be. SL Thanks"

    Hope to see yall there.

    TED and Sue

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    WOW 50 years

    Congrats on the 50 years
    Verlon E. Lawrence

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    A very impressive accomplishment! You guys are special and a role model to all of us!

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    Ted & Sue,

    It was so nice to finally meet you guys at the ArkGeo Social event! Thank you for making the event so enjoyable for our daughter. She is still talking about the stuffed animals and other "surprises" that you guys graciously gave.

    I only have two regrets: 1) that it took us so long to get to know you and 2) that we couldn't spend more time around the campfire that night swapping stories. (I hope we will have many chances to remedy the second one.)

    Congratulations God bless you both! May your worst days of the future be no worse than your best days of the past.

    Gaddiel & OrangeDanish
    Conway, AR
    I get my directions from above.
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    Ted and Sue,

    I am so glad that I have had the chance to see you on multiple occasions, including at your home!

    Congrats on the anniversary! I hope you are blessed with many many many more years together!


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    Well Ted had his say and I wanted to say something too. So here goes.

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments.

    We really do appreciate your friendships.

    Yes, Fifty years is a long time and I don't know what the secret to a long marriage is. But maybe in our case it is just the fact we are both hardheaded and stubborn. Too stubborn to give up.

    On my wedding day my mother told me, "It won't last a year!." I was just hardheaded enough to prove her wrong no matter what came. She is still around and I remind her about what she said every anniversary. I'm very thankful that she will be able to see me celebrate my 50th .

    Also we couldn't get a divorce because we never had enough money to hire a lawyer. And lawyers keep talking about dividing everything in half, fifty-fifty, even steven, right down the middle. So after we had three children we sure couldn't separate because we were not smart enough to figure out how to divide " three" evenly.

    And just Maybe I chose the right one the first time. I must be a good judge of character because he sure is one . (A character)

    But as Shania Twain says in her song, "They said, I bet, they'll never make it. But just look at us hanging on. Still together, still going strong."

    Hope to see some of you on Saturday the 16th of August.

    Our actual anniversay is the 19th of August but that is a Tuesday. The calender for 1958 and 2008 must be the same because we were married on a Tuesday in 1958.

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