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    GPS Adventures

    The GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit is an event exhibit cache represents geocaching participation at the GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit. The GPS Adventures Maze is a traveling educational exhibit designed to teach people of all ages about navigation, GPS technology and geocaching. The exhibit is done by Groundspeak.

    I found a link to a site for the exhibit where you can request the exhibit in your area.

    I clicked on it and there were two choices to select for Arkansas or you can suggest another.

    I selected the Mid-America Museum in Hot Springs as a location I would like to see the exhibit. I just thought I would pass this information on and give everyone the link to select where they would like to see it in Arkansas.

    Maybe if we have enough people select a location in Arkansas we can get the exhibit to travel to Arkansas!

    Here is the link : GPS Adventures Exhibit

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    Thanks for posting the link. I heard about this exhibit on one of the geocaching podcasts It sounds like an awesome place to visit. Maybe another possible venue could be the Aerospace Education Center near the airport in Little Rock (the one with the IMAX).

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    I agree with David. The Mid-America Science museum would be the perfect place to host such an exhibit. There are thousands of visitors to this fine facility every week, and it would be a great opportunity for exposure to a lot of folks. Just think of all the new cachers we could have in this area, just from this offering. I, of course may be a little biased, since this is within view of my place of employment.
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