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Thread: Question for Garmin 60cx users?

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    Question for Garmin 60cx users?

    I have a new Garmin and would like to know what zoom level do you all use while searching for a cache?
    Verlon E. Lawrence

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    I use the compass screen when I get pretty close. Less than .10 mile. It also depends if I am driving in a unfamiliar area or not. Most always I use the compass screen the last 200 feet.
    I have City Navigator maps on mine and to see smaller roads, I must zoom into .2 or .3 miles to see them.
    This is how I do it. Lots more folks out there that are better at it than me.
    See what they have to say
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    I use the routing to get me to the cache location and it Then I switch to off-road mode and to the compass. Then I get close to ground zero and stumble around til I find the cache!

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