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Thread: Ouray, Silverton & Animas Forks

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    Ouray, Silverton & Animas Forks

    Leaving West Central Arkansas the last week of June, for Colorado, pulling a small fiberglass travel trailer. The plan is to spend the first night in Ouray, then scout for a boondocking campsite to use as a forward operating base while driving jeep trails and geocaching. Moving the camp after a few days, possibly to Silverton or Animas Forks, to access other jeep trails and geocaches. The travel trailer has a high lift axle and 15" tires with four shocks, so it will access somewhat rougher terrain to get to a campsite. Jeep and trailer pix at:
    Never been there, don't have a clue, but we suspect that being flatlanders, we may need to spend the nights at around six or seven thousand feet in order to rest better, making day trips over those cool passes, ect..
    Advice, suggestions and camping information much appreciated.

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    When we used to go elk hunting in Colorado we would leave here about 5:00 AM, We were pulling trailers with 4 wheelers and all our camping gear. We always stayed the first night in Trinidad Colorado. Best I remember it took us about 14 hrs to that point. I remember it was just getting dark.
    Not sure how much farther Ouray is but I can tell you if you drive over the Million Dollar Highway, (Silverton-Ouray area) at night, there are some curves that are doosies and cars at the bottom of them. This is not a pedal to the metal area!!
    We had a trip planned a couple of years ago to go to that area and rent jeeps but that fell through.
    You might want to contact sjclimber he can tell you whan you need to know.
    Have Fun!

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    Yo Larry, I live in Ridgway less than 15 miles from Ouray. There is a trailer park right in Ouray or a very nice KOA just north of town toward Ridgway. For a campsite near Silverton, try one of the sites up Mineral Creek, but again, there is a park in Silverton with hookups. Be prepared for high water and cold nights on Mineral creek. Just spoke with Jake92 in Silverton yesterday to check on the jeep trails. Corkscrew and Engineers are closed as is Imogene pass though you can get to Yankee Boy Basin (with 15 foot drifts beside the road). Jake sets the "primo" caches in this end of Colorado. Very clever hides. Email me to get my number here. I'd be glad to help as much as I can. SJC

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    camping reservations might be a good idea, even for NF campgrounds.
    have good brakes. dont be in a hurry. pull over and let the string of cars behind you pass every once in awhile.
    the 50 mile 4wd loop between Ouray and Lake City is spectacular, but if engineers pass is not yet open then the loop is out of the question. hopefully it will be open by the time of your trip. SJC is your best bet for local info.
    wish i was going with you.....

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