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    greetings from Amarillo Tx:

    I have been caching since Dec 2001. When I started caching there were only 5 active caches within 200 miles of home Now there are 200 caches within 25 miles.

    Numberwise I don't have very many due to being on call at Post Office 24/7 many of times getting called in when out geocaching.

    I have a trip planned to end up in Hot Springs Ark the last week of July coming in via US70.

    If you folks have any must find caches that won't need bushwhacking deep into poison ivy or floor cover dense to the point I can't see my feet where the copperhead resides let me know.

    cache safe, cache on!!


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    Spend a little time to do the "Tool Time" series in Glenwood. It should be illegal to have that much fun.

    Check out these Tool Time Caches:

    I had a great time doing these caches, I am sure everyone has.
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