One of the best things about this great event was learning so much. I myself learned quite a few things:

1. mountainborn is the Allen Funt of geocaching
2. that it is a compliment when a "HICK" calls you a redneck.
3. the traditional "poking stick" has gone high tech.
4. some cachers carry writing utensils developed at Area 51.
5. that if likestocanoe's brownies were analyzed by the FDA..they would be forced to carry the label "may be habit forming."(my wife is currently in rehab)

Thanks buddy, that's quite a compliment ! The candid camera guy seems to always capture the real human behavior on video because the subjects do not suspect there is a camera around and are acting normaly.
Those are the memories that we all cherish during our lifetimes, the real moments, not the posed moments.
Again, thanks !