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Thread: Garmin Customer Service rocks!

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    Garmin Customer Service rocks!

    Just a quick plug for Garmin's customer service. My etrex Legend was approaching two years old and was showing some signs of wear. I had a couple of scratches on the screen, the rubber exterior had cracked and seperated from the case near the zoom in/zoom out buttons, and I was getting the lines in the screen that some other users have seen.

    I went to their sight and filled out a form. An RMA number was emailed to me the next day and they had me ship it to them. I sent it out last Monday, and got it back yesterday evening. Exactly one week. And they didn't just fix the things that were wrong. They replaced the entire unit with a brand new one! And my unit wasn't even under warranty anymore.

    I just have to say that I am extremely pleased with the speed of their service and the way they stand behind their product, warranty or not.


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    We have had the same experience with them NOT one time but TWO times I can not say enough good about the service.
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    I'll chime in, too. Our Garmin Legend had developed some click stick problems. Called Garmin and the guy asked me how long I had owned the unit. I knew the warranty was only good for one year (and we were SEVERAL months past that), but I just told him the truth. He said, "No problem. We'll just repair it under warranty for you." Got the RMA from him, sent the unit off, and had it back less than a week later. Excellent service!!!
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    Me as well,I have had excellent experience from them.
    They also did some neat upgrades to my unit, RINO 110 as well.
    I had some precise work in it,they saved it,used it and they put it back in,did not loose a thing.

    My advice to anyone is GARMIN's do ROCK!
    They are very,very,accurate as well.

    The Squad Leaders in Iraq would not be using them if they did not get the job done.
    Look on the Lapels of the Soldiers,you see a GARMIN RINO 120.

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